Pursuit of Perfection
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Pursuit of Perfection

Elevate your standards with our top-quality products, meticulously crafted to exceed your expectations, and experience unparalleled satisfaction in every detail.

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Global Shipping

Embark on a seamless international shopping journey as we ship our premium goods to your doorstep worldwide, ensuring your desires know no borders.

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Faster Turnaround

Witness efficiency redefined as our streamlined processes and dedicated team guarantee a faster turnaround, transforming your waiting into anticipation fulfilled.

DTF Printing & Custom Design

Services That Set Trends, Your Way

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What We Offer?

Premium DTF Transfers and Premium Custom Shirts

We set ourselves apart at BLU LACE DESIGN STUDIO with our commitment to excellence. Our specialty lies in crafting Premium DTF (Direct-to-Fabric) transfers that ensure your designs are flawlessly embedded, ready to tell your story to the world. We believe in the power of customization, allowing you to express your individuality through our Premium Custom Shirts. Your style is unique; your garments should be too.

Why Choose Us?

Press with Precision

Master the art of heat pressing as you bring our expertly crafted heat transfers to life on your chosen garments.

Design Unleashed

Ignite your creativity with our editable templates, offering a world of captivating designs and clip art.

Materials Redefined

Our versatile transfer formula thrives on various fabrics, ensuring stunning results with both full-color DTF and Screen Printed transfers.

Wholesale Advantage

Elevate your business with wholesale Screen Printed and DTF Transfers, benefiting from competitive pricing and quantity discounts.

Lasting Impressions

Experience designs that transcend time with our enduring plastisol and water-based DTF transfers, destined to outlive the garment.

Your Success, Our Support

Navigate your journey seamlessly with our dedicated customer service, guiding you from design upload to flawless heat pressing.

Our Services

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